About Emyr

Employment and Education

I graduated from Cardiff University in 2009 where I studied BSc Computer Science.

I was employed by Sinclairs Law, a firm of solicitors based in South Wales, as a Web Developer and Network Administrator for 12 months until I relocated to Manchester to join a large UK Retail Bank in a graduate-level position. My current role involves writing business-process software and supporting small applications.


I've been programming in various languages since I was 13. My current favourite framework is Grails (a Ruby-on-Rails inspired web-app framework written in Groovy for the Java Virtual Machine) although these things come and go. Most of my web-development experience has been using PHP.

I have dabbled a little in electronics using the Arduino microcontroller board and hope to spend some time building something interesting with it over the next few months.

I've built PCs and am a proponent of quiet understated machines. Silent PC Review is a great source of information on component choices.


My family have been cyclists for many generations. I raced at local and national levels until I went to university and have recently taken up Hardcourt Bicycle Polo.

I enjoy watching a number of sports and follow Formula 1 closely.